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Cpideal.com is a global advertising company for cpa,cpc,cpm,cpi,cpl,cpv campaigns. We have high paying campaigns with attractive creative for publishers and high quality traffic for advertisers. Our minimum payout is 5$ weekly,monthly. Just register to get high profits.


Our cpideal adnetwork have many advance features
many publishers using our campaigns

Great Design

Our adnetwork have nice look and clear page to browsing cpideal featues. we have great themes and design for our users.You can easily manage your account and traffic sources.

Device Support

Our campaigns running with all devices and all browsers. so you can display our ads in mobile and tablet and desktop devices.All operating system are supported as well.

Campaign Format

We have all types of campaigns like cpa,cpc,cpm, cpv,cpl,cpi. users can select our ads manually or our system will display best paying campaigns automatically. You can earn lots of revenue by this way.

Tracking System

Our adnetwork tracking pixel have secure data so your earning will never be lost. cpideal providing banner,text,popunder ads to get high profits for our publishers and advertisers.

Our features

Cpideal have many features for our users
we are getting many feedback

Multiple Campaigns

We have the campaign management system to select cpv,cpl,cpi , cpa ,cpc,cpm campaigns with more features.

Advanced Control

Our system is very secure and easy to manage cpideal campaigns and settings. We have the powerful tracking platform.

100% traffic monetization

We maximize your income by efficiently monetizing global web and mobile traffic across all devices and platforms with highest eCPM rates.

Made with love

Many publishers and advertisers loving our network. Because, we are providing high profits and good management to our users.

Full Support

You can get 24x7 fast support from us. so, you can leave us message with your questions to us. Our one of the staffs will support you.

Clean Design

We have high level themes to browsing our adnetwork features for our users. you can control it as easy way with safe.


Our answers for common questions
we have the great solutions for our users

  • What is cpideal.com?

    Cpideal is a global mobile adnetwork. it providing cpc, cpm, cpi, cpl, cpv campaigns for our publishers. we have adult and nonadult campaigns for our users.And we have best advertising solutions for advertisers

  • What is the minimum payout?

    Our minimum payment is 5$ for paypal, skrill users. via bank minimum payment is 10$ for indian users. for the foreign users we will pay 100$ minmum payment via bank.

  • What is the payment cycle?

    We have 2 payment cycle. we can pay you weekly or monthly, but we will pay if we have top users weekly, otherwise they will be paid by monthly via financial manager.

  • What we have for advertisers?

    Self-Serve Advertising Platform
    Need to promote your product, business or mobile app?
    Gain absolute control and manage your campaigns easily with our self-serve platform for advertisers!
    Thousands of affiliate marketers, mobile developers and online companies are already using CPIDEAL to drive traffic, acquire leads and boost sales.


You can see the cpideal screenshot of affiliates and advertisers. We have adexchange from big partners.

The team

We have experienced staffs in cpideal
Our aim is to give best profits




Hello, i am the owner of cpideal and main programmer of cpideal. we have great features via our cpideal.com. just register and earn money here.

Pawan Sharma


Pawan Sharma

Hello, i am the owner of cpideal and advertisement manager for all of the advertisers and campaigns, we have many high paying campaigns with many advertisers.

Ankit Agnihotri

Manager (GM)

Ankit Agnihotri

Hi i am Ankit , i am Publisher Manager of Cpideal i work with publishers and resolve their queries.




Hello, i am the owner of cpideal.com and publisher manager for all inventory so, we have many publishers in our global adnetwork.


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  • +91 888-197-8887

  • support@cpideal.com

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